Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to Immunology and Genetic Journal are all subject to the process of peer-review by at least two reviewers as well as the Editor. The manuscripts are prone to language and content revision by the editorial board. Double-blind approach is applied during the review process. The major points of consideration by the reviewers are originality of the work, structure of the manuscript according to journal’s guidelines, and complying with the ethical statement of the journal. Reviewers evaluate the manuscript in terms of duplicated publication, fraud, and ethical violation in use of animals or humans in the research. The editorial board finally determines the potential of a manuscript in being accepted or rejected. In case of invitation of a manuscript for revising based on the comments made by the editorial board and reviewers, the process should be accomplished within maximum 2 months. Otherwise, the manuscript will be considered as a new submission or withdrawn, based on the editorial board decision.